A Sample Practice Schedule for Golfers - dummies

A Sample Practice Schedule for Golfers

By Consumer Dummies

Part of Golf All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

A practice schedule can help motivate golfers to adhere to practice—and thereby improve their golf games. Golf practice is important because the sport requires skills that don’t come naturally to most people. Here’s a sample practice schedule to guide you in crafting one that fits into your own busy life:

  • Monday: Health-club workout (1 hour); putt on rug (15 minutes).

  • Tuesday: Swing a club in front of a mirror or window (30 minutes).

  • Wednesday: Health-club workout (1 hour); read a golf magazine or golf book or watch a golf DVD (30 minutes).

  • Thursday: Swing a club or chip (1 hour).

  • Friday: Health-club workout (1 hour); practice range, including golf drills (1 hour).

  • Saturday: Practice range (1 hour); play 18 holes.

  • Sunday: Watch golf on TV; practice range (30 minutes); play 9 holes.