Freshwater Fish Finder - dummies

By Steve Starling

Part of Fishing For Dummies Cheat Sheet (Australia/New Zealand Edition)

The abundance of rivers and lakes in Australia and New Zealand provide a variety of habitats worthy of frequent fishing forays. Target your favourite freshwater species easily, by selecting the best baits to lure them onto your plate. (The number of stars in the Edibility column indicates the tastiness of the species.)

Type of Fish Preferred Habitats Best Baits Best Lures Edibility
Barramundi Tidal tropical estuaries, freshwater rivers, billabongs,
lagoons, some stocked lakes
Small live and dead fish, prawns, cherabin, cut fish pieces
(successful occasionally)
Minnows, plugs, soft plastics, jigs ****
Bass Freshwater rivers, upper reaches of estuaries, some stocked
Live insects (crickets, cicadas), earthworms, shrimp,
Minnows, plugs, poppers, jigs, soft plastics, spinnerbaits ***
Golden perch Inland freshwater rivers, billabongs, stocked lakes Earthworms, shrimp, yabbies, grubs Deep-diving plugs, spinners, soft plastics ***
Murray cod Inland freshwater rivers, many stocked lakes Grubs, yabbies, shrimp, earthworms, small live fish (where
Deep-diving plugs, spinnerbaits, spoons ****
Salmon Bays, harbours, estuaries, rivers Pilchards, herring Metal spoons, spinners, slices, slugs ****
Trout Cooler rivers, streams, freshwater lakes Earthworms, shrimps, grasshoppers, crickets, grubs, insect
Spinners, spoons, minnows, small jigs, flies ***