Staying Safe on the Road and Being Seen on a Bike - dummies

Staying Safe on the Road and Being Seen on a Bike

Part of Cycling For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

You can be the best cyclist in the world, but you’re still vulnerable on a bike. Forewarned is forearmed, so keep yourself safe with these tips on how to keep yourself out of trouble on the roads:

  • Visibility is key: Wear bright clothes and be sure to stay in a position where other traffic can see you.

  • Get some company: If you’re new to riding on roads, get a friend with a bike to show you how – there’s always safety in numbers.

  • Car doors: When riding alongside parked cars, be wary of doors flying open in your path. Slow down and keep your eyes peeled.

  • Don’t hug the kerb: Don’t let other traffic think that squeezing past you in the same lane is safe – it’s not. Stay a metre from the kerb and drivers can see you more easily from every direction.

  • Eye contact: You can’t be sure a driver knows you’re there until you make eye contact. Don’t be afraid to wave just to make sure you’ve been seen.

  • The rules: Make sure you know the rules of the road for cyclists. You make yourself safer if you know what they are. Check out the Highway Code online.

  • Stay safe: No matter what the rules are, if you think a junction isn’t safe for you, get off your bike and make your way round as a pedestrian.