Kitting Yourself Out with Cycling Gear - dummies

Kitting Yourself Out with Cycling Gear

Part of Cycling For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Like any activity, you need to gather certain pieces of equipment to get the most from cycling and to stay safe whilst you do so. Make sure that the following pieces of kit are on your shopping list when you head out to buy your bike:

  • Helmet: Wearing a helmet isn’t compulsory but most people think doing so is a good idea. Helmets are designed to lessen injury should you have the unlikely misfortune of being in an accident or falling off your bike.

  • Lights: Lights are required by law and are essential for your safety if riding at night.

  • Bell (or horn): A good idea if your bike route involves sharing trails or paths with pedestrians.

  • Shorts, jerseys and other bicycle clothing: If you’re racing, the right gear is essential. Even if cycling more recreationally, you may prefer to wear cycle-specific clothing. Get it at the bike shop or look online.

  • Pump: Essential for getting air in your tyres.

  • Cage and bottle: A convenient way to stay hydrated while you cycle.

  • Baskets, panniers and racks: A basket up front is very handy for small items or shopping. Panniers, bags that hang either side of your back wheel, are great for larger loads.