Incorporating Cycling into Your Routine - dummies

Incorporating Cycling into Your Routine

Part of Cycling For Dummies (Australia/New Zealand Edition) Cheat Sheet

With a bit of thinking, cycling can fit easily into your schedule, so you get healthy exercise and save time and money. Here are some tips on making cycling part of your weekly routine:

  • It’s not all or nothing: You don’t have to commute every day if at first it seems too much. Plan out your week fitting in the amount of cycling that suits you.

  • You don’t have to ride all the way: Ride to the station, or ride to a station further down the line. Cycle as much as you have time for.

  • Keep your helmet next to your car keys: When you’re heading out to the shops, ride instead of driving. You get there quicker and, if you only take a small backpack or pannier, it’s very likely you’ll spend less.

  • Cycle with the children to school: Healthy exercise for everyone and you get to avoid that congestion outside the school.

  • Find a safer route: Just because you drive on main roads, doesn’t mean you have to cycle on them. Find a safer, quieter route and you’ll feel much happier setting off in the morning.

  • Motivate yourself: Don’t tell yourself that you can’t — keep reminding yourself that you can. You’ll feel much better when you do.