Gathering Essential Equipment for Cycle Rides - dummies

Gathering Essential Equipment for Cycle Rides

Part of Cycling For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Things can sometimes go wrong on a bike ride, so it makes sense to carry with you a few simple pieces of kit so that you can deal with the problems you’re most likely to encounter. On longer rides, you’ll want to pack a few extras so you can get the most from your trip. Here are a few suggestions:

Essentials for local bicycle trips

Even when you don’t plan to ride all that far from home, find space in your pack for these items:

  • Allen keys (in the size you need for your bike)

  • Chain or D-lock

  • Lights

  • Pump and puncture repair kit

  • Spanner (if required to remove the wheel)

  • Spare inner tube (quicker than fixing a hole)

  • Tyre levers (for removing tyres)

Essentials for longer cycling trips

If you’re heading further afield, take all the bits and pieces in the preceding list, along with the following:

  • Cable ties (can fix just about anything!)

  • Camera

  • Elemental protection (in case of rain or cold weather)

  • Fuel (in the form of food)

  • Map or GPS device

  • Phone

  • Phrasebook (if travelling to a country where you don’t speak the language)

  • Spare spokes, chain links and other bike tools

  • Water (enough to keep hydrated)