Essential Cycling Equipment - dummies

Essential Cycling Equipment

Part of Cycling For Dummies (Australia/New Zealand Edition) Cheat Sheet

You can buy a million things to make your bike riding more enjoyable. Here are some of the more necessary accessories for bicycling in style (and staying safe):

  • Helmet: Wearing a helmet is the law, all over Australia and New Zealand. Helmets are designed to lessen injury should you have the unlikely misfortune of getting in a stack or falling off your bike.

  • Lights: These are required by law and are essential for your safety if riding at night.

  • Bell (or horn): Also required by law, bells bring music to everyone’s ears.

  • Knicks, jerseys and other bicycle clothing: If you’re racing, the right gear is essential. Even if cycling more recreationally, you may prefer to wear cycle-specific clothing. Get them at the bike shop or look online.

  • Pump: Essential for getting air in your tyres.

  • Cage and bottle: A convenient way to stay hydrated while you cycle.

  • Baskets, panniers and racks: A basket up front is very handy for small items or shopping. Panniers, bags that hang either side of your back wheel, are great for larger loads.