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The NASCAR Main Series

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NASCAR has many different racing series, featuring drivers from all over and with various levels of talent competing in a set number of events and following rules by the sanctioning body. The three national NASCAR series are:

  • NASCAR Sprint Cup Series: The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series is where you can find NASCAR’s stars, including Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. NASCAR Sprint Cup Series cars weigh 3,450 pounds, and their engines produce about 850 horsepower, meaning the cars can reach speeds above 180 mph at some tracks.

  • NASCAR Nationwide Series: Many drivers from the NASCAR Nationwide Series move to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series after they hone their driving skills. Some of the stars from the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series also race here, for practice and the love of competition. Some drivers, such as series starts leader Jason Keller, stay in this series because they prefer the competition. NASCAR Nationwide Series cars weigh 3,400 pounds, and their engines produce about 750 horsepower, making the cars slightly slower than their NASCAR Sprint Cup Series counterparts.

  • NASCAR Camping World Truck Series: The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series was created in 1995. It features souped-up pickup trucks with engines that produce about 750 horsepower. Trucks are capable of going about 180 mph on certain tracks. This series is similar to the NASCAR Nationwide Series, with many drivers hoping to advance to NASCAR Sprint Cup competition and others who are happy earning a living driving race trucks.