Your Tags and Notes Page in SharePoint 2010 - dummies

Your Tags and Notes Page in SharePoint 2010

Your Tags and Notes page is a separate page in your SharePoint 2010 My Site showing all your tagging and commenting activities. The Tags and Notes page is divided into two columns. The right column shows a list of all your tags and notes, or activities. In the left column, you have a few Web Parts that allow you to refine the list of activities displayed in the right column.

For example, if you click Notes in the Refine By Type section, then only activities of the type Note appear in the right.


The Tags and Notes page in your My Profile shows both types of tagging, Tags and Notes, which has a variety of sections to help you sort and find your tagged content. To view and arrange your Tags and Notes:

  1. Click the Tags and Notes tab in your My Site.

  2. Use the headings on the page, such as Refine By and Activities For, to view and arrange your Tags and Notes:

    • To Refine by Type, select Tags, Notes, Public, Private (the default is All).

    • To Refine by Tag, select Alphabetically or Size (Alphabetically is the default). Size is judged by the quantity of tags with that label. The more tags that have that label, the larger the size (and text display). Click a specific tag to view that tag’s activities in the right column.

    • Use the Activities For Month (choosing from the month picker) to scroll to the tags for a specific prior month.

    • Use the links and check marks under the Activities For section to view related content and modify the properties of your tags and notes.

One of the great things about reviewing your Tags and Notes page is the ability to change tags to private or vice versa, to delete/edit notes, or to find related activities in a single location.

The Add SharePoint Tags and Notes Tool option that appears below the tag refinement options on the left lets you tag pages that are external to SharePoint. This is similar to the social bookmarking site, Delicious. Tagging an external site allows people in your social network to see what sites or articles you find useful. This option replaces the My Links feature in previous versions of SharePoint.

My Site includes several social network Web Parts that you can use for tracking tags and activities. For example, Recent Activities and Ask Me About are two Web Parts that are displayed in your My Site profile. Another interesting Web Part is the Tag Cloud Web Part, which displays your tags so that more frequently occurring tags appear in a larger font.