Welcome Menu on SharePoint 2010 Team Sites - dummies

Welcome Menu on SharePoint 2010 Team Sites

Team sites in SharePoint 2010 display a Welcome menu in the upper-right corner of the page that provides access to common user tasks. Chances are you may not even be aware of this menu because it’s so nondescript. In fact, this menu just shows your name as it appears in your user profile in SharePoint. But when you click it, a menu of commands opens.


The links are as follows:

  • My Site: Links you to the My Site host where you can access your user profile and your personal My Site, if you have one.

  • My Profile: Opens your user profile.

  • My Settings: Allows the user to manage account details and regional settings, such as time zone and alerts.

  • Sign In as Different User: Prompts for a set of different user credentials.

  • Sign Out: Logs out the user from the site.

  • Personalize This Page: Opens the page in Design view so you can create a personalized view of the page. This option is visible only on Web Part pages when the user has the proper permissions.

  • Request Access: Allows the user to send the site administrator an e-mail to access a resource. This option is visible only if the site administrator has enabled access requests for the site.

Don’t be surprised if your Welcome drop-down list doesn’t include items for My Site. Your company may not have that feature enabled.

If you’ve used previous versions of SharePoint, you may be looking for the My Links command. Technically, My Links is no longer part of SharePoint; it still exists, but Microsoft would prefer you not use it. Instead, Microsoft wants you to use social bookmarks, which you can access through the Tags and Notes tab in your profile.