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View SharePoint 2010 Team Sites in Browsers

You access your SharePoint 2010 team site using a web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. You need the web address or URL of your team site, which you can get from your SharePoint administrator. You also need a network user account with permissions.

To access your team site:

  1. Open your web browser.

  2. Type the web address for your team site in the address bar and press Enter.

Here is the home page for a SharePoint team site.


All SharePoint team sites have the same features. If you’re using a new team site, your site should match the one shown. If your site has been customized, it may look slightly different. Never fear: All the same features are still there. You may just have to hunt a little bit to find them.

You can think of the SharePoint page as having the following the major sections:

  • Header: The header spans the entire top of the page. You can think of the header in a SharePoint page like the menu in a traditional Windows application, such as Microsoft Word. SharePoint 2010 even features the Ribbon in the page header, similar to how the Ribbon appears in the top of many Office applications.

  • Left navigation pane: The navigation pane provides quick access to the site’s document libraries, lists, and discussion boards. You can even add links to content you create, such as documents and web pages.

  • Page content: The content displays in the body of the page.

Generally speaking, the header and left navigation pane stay fairly consistent, whereas the body of the page changes to display the content for the web page. This is very similar to how most websites work.

Microsoft has spent a lot of money on usability research to determine how best to lay out the pages in SharePoint. Use the layouts provided by Microsoft instead of creating your own custom layouts when possible.