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View and Read RSS Feeds in SharePoint 2010

RSS feeds are a popular way for people to keep track of updates to a website without visiting that site. All the lists and libraries in your SharePoint 2010 team site can display an RSS feed.

View RSS feeds in SharePoint 2010

To use RSS feeds, they must be enabled for your list. To see whether RSS feeds are enabled, you should see the standard RSS button enabled in the list’s Ribbon. If RSS is disabled, the button appears in the Ribbon but is disabled.


To enable RSS feeds for your list or library:

  1. In your list, click the List tab, and then in the Settings group, click the List Settings button.

    The List Settings page appears.

    If you’re in a library, click the Library Settings button on the Ribbon.

  2. In the Communications section, click the RSS Settings link.

    If you don’t see the RSS Settings link, RSS isn’t enabled for your site. You can enable RSS settings for your site by clicking the RSS link in the Site Administration section of the Site Settings page. RSS must also be enabled for your web application by the SharePoint farm administrator.

  3. On the Modify RSS Settings page, select the Yes radio button under the Allow RSS for This List option.

    You can also use this page to configure the settings for the list’s default RSS feed, such as the feed’s title, columns, and item limit.

  4. After you finish configuring the default settings for your list’s feed, click OK to save your changes.

Each list and library has its own RSS feed. Therefore, you must configure RSS for each list where you want to use RSS.

After you enable RSS for your list or library, you can view the RSS feed as follows:

  1. Browse to the list or library where you want to view the RSS feed and then click the RSS Feed button on the Share & Track tab of the Ribbon.

    Most browsers display the feed using a built-in style sheet for formatting. The following figure shows an RSS feed for a SharePoint Tasks list in Firefox.


  2. Subscribe to the feed using your browser as a reader or paste the web address for the feed in the feed reader of your choice.

You can also view the RSS feed for a specific view in a list or library.

RSS must be enabled for the farm, site, and list. In other words, you can’t use RSS feeds if they aren’t turned on. You can also turn off RSS feeds for a given list or site if you don’t want people to use them. The default option is to allow RSS feeds.

At the site level, RSS feeds are enabled in the Site Settings page. The RSS settings for an individual list or library are managed in the List Settings or Library Settings page for that list or library, respectively.

Read RSS feeds with Outlook

Your e-mail application, and specifically in terms of SharePoint 2010 integration, Microsoft Outlook, is still the bedrock of online communication for most business users. As in the past, you can still integrate Outlook with SharePoint calendars, contacts, and tasks, but here are steps for reading your RSS feeds in Outlook.

To add an RSS feed through the Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 Account Settings dialog box:

  1. Choose Tools→Account Settings.

  2. On the RSS Feeds tab, click New.

    The New RSS Feed dialog box appears.

  3. Type the URL of the RSS feed (or press Ctrl+V to paste it), such as http://server/site/list/main.xml.

  4. Click the Add button.

    The feed is added to the list of subscribed feeds on the RSS Feeds tab.