Use the SharePoint 2010 Ribbon to Manage Lists - dummies

Use the SharePoint 2010 Ribbon to Manage Lists

All SharePoint 2010 lists display the Ribbon at the top of the list. You can use the SharePoint Ribbon to access the common tasks used for working with lists. These include creating new items, editing existing items, and viewing items. Additional tasks include deleting items and viewing an item’s version history.

You can also use the Ribbon’s List tab to make configuration changes to the list, such as changing which columns appear in the list.

The menu commands you see in the Ribbon depend on the kind of list you’re viewing. Usually the Ribbon displays list commands in one of two tabs under List Tools.


  • Items displays all the commands you need for working with items.

  • List displays commands for managing and customizing the entire list, such as creating views and exporting the list to Excel.