Upload Multiple Documents with Windows Explorer and SharePoint - dummies

Upload Multiple Documents with Windows Explorer and SharePoint

You can use the familiar Windows Explorer to copy and paste documents into a document library from SharePoint 2010. To access the Windows Explorer folder of a document library:

  1. Browse to the document library using Internet Explorer.

  2. Click the Library tab on the SharePoint Ribbon and then click the Open with Explorer button in the Connect & Export group.

    You may be prompted for your username and password. If so, enter your credentials and click OK. The library opens in a Windows Explorer folder view.

  3. Copy and paste your documents into the folder and then refresh your browser window to see your documents.


This process doesn’t prompt you to enter properties or bulk check-in your documents.

If you’re using a browser other than Internet Explorer, you can still access your libraries using Windows Explorer. In Windows Vista, add the web address of your SharePoint 2010 team site or document library as a new network location in the Computer folder. For Windows XP users, add a new network place to access your library using Windows Explorer.

SharePoint 2010 uses a number of protocols to allow you to access libraries as folders with Windows Explorer. This feature either works or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, most organizations aren’t willing to spend any energy to figure out why.