Upload Documents to SharePoint 2010 Team Sites - dummies

Upload Documents to SharePoint 2010 Team Sites

Most teams need to share documents. You probably use e-mail to send documents as attachments. With your new SharePoint 2010 team site, you can upload your files to the team site and send your team members a link to the document.

SharePoint 2010 uses a special kind of container — a document library — for storing files. Your team site has a document library dubbed Shared Documents where you can put documents you want to share with others. You can create additional document libraries and give them any name you want.

To upload a document to the Shared Documents library in your team site:

  1. Click the Shared Documents link in the left navigation pane of your team site.

    The Shared Documents library appears.

    You can click the All Site Content link in the left navigation pane to view a list of all the document libraries that you have permission to access.

  2. Click the Upload Document button on the Documents tab of the SharePoint Ribbon.

    The Upload Document window appears.

  3. Click the Browse button and in the Choose File dialog box, select a file to upload.

  4. Click OK to upload the file to the document library.

    When the file is uploaded, SharePoint displays the document’s properties in a new window.


  5. Type the filename, title, and any keywords that you want to tag the document with in the Name, Title, and Managed Keywords text boxes, respectively.

  6. Click the Save button to save the properties you’ve entered for the document.

    The uploaded document appears in the document library.