Turn on Content Approval for SharePoint 2010 Sites - dummies

Turn on Content Approval for SharePoint 2010 Sites

By default, Content Approval is turned off in SharePoint 2010 and (usually) any user with Read access can see Draft items in most libraries. Sites created with the publishing site template, however, already have Content Approval turned on in the Pages library.

To turn on and configure Content Approval, follow these steps:

1Access Content Approval by going to your Library or List Settings page in your list or library and clicking the Versioning Settings link.

The Versioning Settings page appears.

You see options to retain versions, specify who can see drafts, and — in document libraries — document check-out options.

2Enable Content Approval by selecting the Yes radio button below Require Content Approval for Submitted Items.

Notice that the options below Who Should See Draft Items in This Document Library? become available.

You need to decide whether readers, editors, or only authors and Approvers can see drafts.

3Verify the Document Version History settings in the Document Version History section.

You can specify versions without turning on Content Approval.

4Click a Draft Item Security option in the Draft Item Security section.

The security referred to by draft item security — Read, Edit, and Approve — maps to SharePoint’s Visitors, Members, and Approvers groups.

5Click a check-out option in the Require Check Out section and click OK to save your changes.

You return to the Library or List Settings page from whence you came. The items created in (or changed in) the list or library are subject to approval (unless of course you disable Content Approval later).

If Content Approval is active, when users add an item to the list or library, they see a note that items require Content Approval in the item properties window. The item appears in Draft status in the list or library view until it’s checked in for the first time, and then it changes to Pending until it’s approved.