Take SharePoint 2010 Lists Offline - dummies

Take SharePoint 2010 Lists Offline

You may not always find it convenient or possible to work with SharePoint 2010 lists in the browser. Sometimes you aren’t connected to the network. Sometimes working in the browser is just a pain. To work with your SharePoint lists (and libraries) offline, you can choose from using Microsoft Outlook 2010 or SharePoint Workspace 2010. (SharePoint Workspace is the product formerly known as Groove.)

You could always work offline with libraries using Outlook 2007 and Groove 2007. The Office 2010 versions of these products allow you to work with both lists and libraries offline. That means you can view, edit, and add new documents without being connected to SharePoint. You can also edit and update your lists.

To access your SharePoint lists offline using SharePoint Workspace 2010:

  1. Launch SharePoint Workspace 2010 and then click the New SharePoint Workspace button to create a new workspace to connect to SharePoint.

    If your company has its own internal server for managing SharePoint Workspace accounts, then log into that server. Otherwise, you can follow the instructions to create an account using Microsoft’s server. There’s no charge, and the server doesn’t store any of your files or other data.

  2. Type the web address of your SharePoint 2010 site in the Location box and click OK.

    SharePoint Workspace 2010 attempts to connect to your SharePoint site.

    Assuming a successful connection is established, Workspace downloads the lists and libraries from your site. If you can’t connected, then seek assistance from your help desk.

  3. With the Workspace Explorer, click through your lists and view, edit, and add new list items.

  4. To synchronize your changes with your SharePoint site, click the Sync button.