Stay in Sync with Team Calendars and Tasks - dummies

Stay in Sync with Team Calendars and Tasks

By Ken Withee, Jennifer Reed

The SharePoint Online calendar and task lists, along with the Office 365 cloud, provide a great solution to keep team members in sync, regardless of their location and time zone. SharePoint calendar and task lists can be shared with others, downloaded into Outlook, and even provide a quick view of a team member’s online status.

You can immediately start using the calendar list that comes preconfigured with Team Sites.

To add a new event in the calendar, double-click on the date to open the Calendar – New Item window. Enter information as you would in Outlook calendars and then click Save.

Similarly, you can also quickly get up and running with tasks for your team. Enter tasks for yourself and your team members by clicking the Add new item button.

If e-mail notification is turned on when an ownership is assigned to a task, an e-mail automatically goes out to the Assignee. When a task approaches its due date, the Assignee receives a reminder. When the due date passes without the task being completed, the Assignee continues to receive nag e-mails until the task is marked complete.

If your account includes access to Office 2010 applications, you can keep track of all your SharePoint tasks and events in Outlook by connecting the lists to your Outlook client.

To make the connection, go to your team calendar, click Calendar from the Ribbon and then select the Connect to Outlook icon. You can do the same thing for the task list (substituting calendar for list in the instructions).