Site Settings Page in SharePoint 2010

You access a site’s administrative features through the Site Settings page in SharePoint 2010. To access the Site Settings page, choose Site Actions→Site Settings in a non-publishing site (such as a team site) or choose Site Actions→Site Settings→Modify All Site Settings in a publishing site (such as a collaboration portal site).

You can also access a list of all the sites created in a site collection by choosing Site Settings→Site Hierarchy. The Site Hierarchy link is in the Site Collection Administration column. Click the Manage link in the Site Hierarchy page to access the Site Settings page of any site listed in the site collection’s site hierarchy.


The header of the Site Settings page displays the Site Information section, which shows the following information about the site:

  • URL: The URL to access the site’s home page.

  • Mobile Site URL: The URL to access a mobile version of the site for use on handheld devices.

The Site Settings page displays links to administrative pages in the following categories:

  • Users and Permissions: Find links for managing people, groups, administrators, and permissions.

  • Galleries: Access libraries of reusable content available to a specific site or all sites in the site collection.

  • Site Administration: Access links for administering the site and its structure and features.

  • Look and Feel: Set the site’s title and configure navigation. SharePoint 2010 sites also let you set the site’s master page, title, theme, welcome page, and other features that impact the way the site appears.

  • Site Actions: Provides additional administrative options, such as managing site features.

  • Site Collection Administration: Access links relevant to administering the entire site collection. You must use the Site Settings page of the top-level site in a site collection to access administrative links in the Site Collection Administration column.

    When you view the Site Settings page of a subsite, you see the Go to Top Level Site Settings link in the Site Collection Administration column. Clicking that link takes you to the top-level site.