SharePoint 2010's Dashboard Designer - dummies

SharePoint 2010’s Dashboard Designer

The home page of the Business Intelligence (BI) site provides two scenarios for using SharePoint 2010 for business intelligence. The two primary scenarios are Excel Services and PerformancePoint Services.

Excel Services makes it possible for you to display parts of your Excel spreadsheets on your SharePoint sites. You can see a sample of Excel Services in the BI Site by clicking the View Excel Services Samples link on the home page of the BI site.

The home page of the BI site includes a link to the PerformancePoint Services specific tools in SharePoint. The PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer is an important new tool for creating scorecards, integrating dashboards, providing drill-down capability, and charting or graphing.

If the idea of scorecards or balanced scorecards is new to you, consider doing research on performance measurement and management processes as well as real-life implementations to find what types of metrics are right for your organization.

To access the PerformancePoint Designer:

  1. On the home page of the BI site, click the Start Using PerformancePoint Services link.

    The PerformancePoint Services sample page appears.

  2. Click the Run Dashboard Designer button on the page.


    The browser contacts the remote server where the PerformancePoint Designer application is hosted and launches the application on your machine.

  3. Use the Dashboard Designer to connect to data sources and create PerformancePoint content.


    The Designer provides templates for creating dashboards, scorecards, filters, indicators, and reports.