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SharePoint 2010 Search Box Web Part, Results, and Analytics

Most websites let you search the site. End users probably won’t be surprised to see the familiar search box in the upper-right corner of all SharePoint 2010 sites. Users can use this search box to search the site or list they’re viewing. Chances are you may want a customized search experience for your site.


By default, the search box executes a contextual search. That is, the search box searches the particular site or list where your browser is sitting.

Customize the Search Box Web Part

The search box is where most of the searching action takes place. SharePoint’s search box offers a large number of properties you can use to customize how searches are executed. One great use of these properties is to create specialized search boxes. For example, you can specify one search box to use the People scope and another to search content. This allows you to place two separate search boxes on one page.

The search user experience is delivered using Web Parts, so everything you know about working with Web Parts applies to customizing the search experience.

Use this Web Part in a page layout or Web Part page so you can access additional properties with SharePoint Designer 2010.


Remove search results in SharePoint 2010

Sometimes you don’t want items in lists and libraries to appear in search results. By default, items and documents in lists and libraries appear in search results. To keep these items out of search results, use the Advanced Settings page in your list or library, which you can access from the List Settings or Library Settings page in your list or library.

Under Allow Items from This Document Library to Appear in Search Results?, select the No radio button.

You can also exclude columns from being searched. Click the Searchable Columns button in the Site Settings page and then select which columns to exclude.


Review SharePoint 2010 search analytics

SharePoint 2010 provides a number of reports you can use to review the searches people execute on your site. This is a great way to figure out what search terms people are using and whether they’re getting the results you want them to get. Click the Site Collection Web Analytics Reports link in the Site Settings page to view reports related to search.