SharePoint 2010 Edit Menu - dummies

SharePoint 2010 Edit Menu

SharePoint 2010 provides two methods for working with documents. Each document has an Edit menu that you can use to take some action on that document, such as checking it out for editing. The Ribbon also displays a set of actions that can be taken on individual documents or a group of selected documents.

Accessing the Edit menu in SharePoint 2010 is a little tricky because it isn’t visible immediately. You see the Edit menu when you hover your mouse pointer over the Name property of your document. When you see a little arrow appear, you can click the arrow to display the Edit menu.


With the Edit menu, you can view and edit properties. (If SharePoint recognizes the file type, it displays the default application that can be used to edit the document, for example, Edit in Microsoft Word.)

Some options in the Edit menu depend on how your document library has been configured. For example, if versioning is enabled for the document library, you see a Version History item in the Edit menu.

Your organization can add custom menu items to the Edit menu, so don’t be surprised if your Edit menu looks different than the one shown. The point is that you can use the Edit menu to access a list of actions that you can take on the selected document.