SharePoint 2007 Keyboard Shortcuts - dummies

By Greg Harvey

Part of SharePoint 2007 Collaboration For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Use keyboard shortcuts to make collaborating in SharePoint 2007 easier, whether you’re on the general site, lists, or library page. Check out some SharePoint shortcut keystrokes and their resulting actions:

General Site Keyboard Shortcuts
Keys to Press Result
Alt+1 Selects the Home Site tab
Alt+3 Selects the View All Site Content link
Alt+6 Selects the Help button
Alt+/ (forward slash) Selects the Actions button
Alt+S Selects the site’s Search box
Alt+L Selects the site’s Welcome menu button
List and Library Page Keyboard Shortcuts
Keys to Press Result
Alt+N Selects New menu
Alt+C Selects Actions menu
Alt+I Selects Settings menu