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Share Information with SharePoint Online Extranet Sites

By Ken Withee, Jennifer Reed

Because SharePoint Online (one of the components of Microsoft Office 365) is online, you have the ability to share information with partners that are not part of your local network. These sites that you can make available to people outside your organization are called extranet sites.

An example of an extranet site might be a partner network made up of complementary companies. The people in these other companies won’t have access to your company network, but you still need to be able to share information and collaborate with them. SharePoint online offers extranet sites for just such a purpose.

Microsoft has gone to great lengths to create a secure, safe, and stable SharePoint environment. In particular, Microsoft guarantees the following:

  • The environment is available 99.9 percent of the time.

  • All content and configuration details are backed up regularly.

  • Virus scanning software, called Forefront Security for SharePoint, constantly scans content for threats.

  • File types that can pose a risk to your SharePoint environment are blocked from upload.

Microsoft Office 365 is truly a global product with data center locations distributed throughout the world. The product supports more than 40 languages, including Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, and Portuguese. Need your site to support the Catalan language? No problem, SharePoint Online has you covered.