Obstacles to Successful SharePoint Collaboration - dummies

Obstacles to Successful SharePoint Collaboration

By Greg Harvey

Part of SharePoint 2007 Collaboration For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Using SharePoint alone is one thing, working as a team is another. Ensure a successful SharePoint collaboration by keeping in mind the challenges you and your team will face and how to overcome them:

  1. Teams need to clearly understand their responsibilities in order to have any chance of achieving the goals of the collaboration.

  2. Behind every successful team there needs to stand an effective team leader.

  3. Teams have to have easy access to the information they need to make decisions and get their work done.

  4. A team is only as strong as its weakest member.

  5. You’re never going to respond to a message you never receive.

  6. You can’t begin to deal with issues until someone tells you that they’re there.

  7. Issues always come up when people work closely together — it’s how they’re resolved that counts.

  8. The open give and take of ideas is often what sparks real creativity in the group.

  9. Tasks that don’t get assigned in a timely manner don’t have any chance of getting done by their due dates.

  10. You can’t measure the success of the collaboration if you can’t measure your teams’ performance.