Monitor Key Performance with Status Lists and Scorecards - dummies

Monitor Key Performance with Status Lists and Scorecards

Status lists in SharePoint 2010 sites with their accompanying red/yellow/green stop light graphics are a great way to update decision makers on the current standing of a performance item. Think budget, safety incidents, manufacturing defects, and so forth. Great top-of-the rock visualization!

The indicators can be from a SharePoint list, a data connection, stored in Excel, or manually entered into the Web Part.

To explore the status list, follow these steps:

  1. Click the All Site Content link on the left navigation pane.

    The All Site Content page appears. Note the Sample Indicators link under the List category.

  2. Click the Sample Indicators link.

    Three sample items are included — Morale, Productivity, and Expenses. These are populated manually.

  3. Open any one of the three sample indicators by choosing Edit Properties from the Item drop-down list.

    The Sample Indicators dialog box appears. Notice the indicator value and the status icon values used to determine what the values are for exceed, danger, or fail.

  4. Click the X button to close the Indicator Properties dialog box.

  5. Click the New drop-down list to view your options for creating a new indicator.

    Options include SharePoint Lists, Excel, SQL Server Analysis Services, and Fixed Value Based Status Indicator.

  6. Select the Fixed Value Based Status Indicator option.

    The Sample Indicators dialog box appears.

  7. (Optional) Review the choices and add a new indicator.

  8. Click OK to save your new indicator.

You can use the Web Part for this list to show the status on a page with your other scorecards, charts, and dashboards.