Manage SharePoint 2010 Designer Access - dummies

Manage SharePoint 2010 Designer Access

SharePoint 2010 allows you to configure which users can use SharePoint Designer 2010 to access your team site. Before you jump to the conclusion that you don’t want anyone doing that, bear in mind that the role of Designer has changed with SharePoint 2010. Designer can be used to perform a lot of list and library management tasks.

To grant a user the right to use SharePoint Designer 2010 with your team site:

  1. Browse to the top-level site of your team site.

  2. Choose Site Actions→Site Settings.

  3. In the Site Collection Administration section, click the SharePoint Designer Settings link.

  4. Choose the options that you want to enable.

    Your choices are

    • Enable SharePoint Designer: Users who are Site Owners or who have Design permissions can use SharePoint Designer to access your site.

    • Enable Detaching Pages from the Site Definition: Don’t allowing this unless you have a good reason to do so. Detaching pages can cause problems when upgrading later.

    • Enable Customizing Master Pages and Layout Pages: This is fine for publishing sites, although not usually required for team sites.

    • Enable Managing of the Web Site URL Structure: This allows users to see the folder hierarchy.

  5. Click OK to save your changes.