Manage Permissions in SharePoint 2010 Team Sites

To manage permissions for subsites, lists, and libraries in SharePoint 2010, the user must have the Manage Permissions permission. You must be a member of the Hierarchy Managers group to edit permissions.

To create unique permissions for a list or library, follow these steps:

  1. Browse to the list or library. To do so:

    1. Access the Library or List tab.

    2. Click the Library Permissions or List Permissions button in the Settings group.

    The Permissions page appears.

  2. Manage the permissions as you would for a subsite.

    Managing permissions on lists and libraries is the same as managing permissions for subsites.

Follow these steps to create unique permissions for a list item, document, or folder:

  1. Browse to the list or library where the item is stored and click the down arrow at the right of the item name.

    The item contextual menu appears.

  2. Choose Manage Permissions.

    The Permissions page appears.

  3. Click the Grant Permissions button on the Ribbon to grant permissions to users and groups.

Managing permissions is tricky, and the steps here aren’t the only ways to manage permissions. If you start adding users individually to subsites, lists, and libraries, it becomes difficult to get a big-picture view of how your permissions for the site are configured.