Look and Feel Section of SharePoint's Site Settings Page - dummies

Look and Feel Section of SharePoint’s Site Settings Page

You can access the Look and Feel section of the Site Settings page in your SharePoint 2010 site from the Site Actions menu. You must have designer or owner permission to change any of these items.


The Look and Feel section contains

  • Title, Description, and Icon: This option allows you to change the title of the site, add or change the site description, add or change the site icon description, and change the URL of the site if necessary.

  • Tree View: Allows you to enable Quick Launch menu (left navigation) or turn on the Tree View format of the Quick Launch menu. You can have one or the other, both, or neither. Consider whether you need left navigation if content is limited and you feel other navigation and content links suffice.

  • Site Theme: This option allows you to choose whether you want to inherit a theme, select predefined themes, customize a theme, preview selections, and apply the theme to the current site and subsites if desired.

  • Navigation: Navigation options include how top (global) and left (current) navigation is displayed, how navigation sorting is handled, and hiding, showing, and/or adding links to your navigation areas.

    Team sites show the Quick Launch and Top Link Bar links instead of the Navigation link.

Although changing the title is helpful, especially if you’re winging it when you first created the site, don’t take changing the URL lightly. Remember users may have bookmarks or links to the URL that may be broken if you change.