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Library/List General Settings Area in SharePoint 2010

The General Settings area of the library/list has been expanded in SharePoint 2010 to include multiple new settings, including Validation, Column Default Value (for libraries), Rating, Metadata Navigation, Per-Location View, and Form (for lists).

Here is an overview to see what you can do with each of these options.

General Settings Configuration Options
Setting Name What You Can Accomplish
Title, Description and Navigation Just like it sounds!
Versioning Configure item approval, versioning (major and minor), and
require check-out.
Advanced A plethora of options including allowing for content types,
search visibility, allowing for folders, or datasheet view.
Validation Allows you to create formulas that compare two or more columns
in your library or list.
Column Default Value Add or edit default values for columns indicated in the library
or list Validation settings.
Rating A Yes or No option that allows items in the library or list to
be rated.
Audience Targeting A Yes or No option that allows the library or list to use
audience targeting. Enabling audience targeting creates a Targeting
column for this list. Some Web Parts can use this data to filter
list contents based on whether the user is in the audience.
Metadata Navigation Allows for a hierarchical management of the library or list in
the Navigation Tree View. Hierarchical options can include content
types, choice questions, or a managed metadata field.
Per-Location View Allows you to set the default view that appears when a user
browses to a specific location in the list or library. When used
with metadata navigation, you can set views for each level in the
metadata hierarchy.
Form Available for lists only. You need InfoPath 14 (2010) to
utilize these settings.