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Information Sharing with Wikis and SharePoint 2010

One of the marketing mantras of SharePoint 2010 is wikis everywhere. A SharePoint 2010 team site is essentially a wiki with the capabilities to add libraries and lists. SharePoint 2010 includes a new site template called the Enterprise Wiki which is intended for collaborative content creation among larger groups of people, such as a division.

A wiki is a library of pages that can be edited by any member (Contributor) of your site. Encyclopedias, dictionaries, and training manuals are all good examples of wikis for an organization. These examples are entities that provide structure to what is being accomplished, but benefit by input of a group.

A wiki in SharePoint 2010 is a library of wiki pages. Create the wiki the way you would any other list or library, selecting Wiki Page Library as the type.

Two pages are created by default in your new wiki library, Home and How to Use This Wiki Library. Both provide predefined instructions that may be helpful when you first create the wiki. Most users change the home page content before launching the wiki, but you can keep the How to Use This Wiki Library page or delete it, depending on its usefulness.

To add other pages to your wiki, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the home page of the wiki library by using the link on the Quick Launch menu, if available.

    You can also navigate to the All Site Content page and open the library.

  2. Select the Edit tab on the Ribbon and then click the View All Pages button.

    You see the list of pages.

    The Library Tools tab appears in the Ribbon and contains two other tabs — Documents and Library.

  3. Click the Documents tab under Library Tools and then click the New Document button.

    The New Wiki Page dialog box appears.

  4. Type your new page name in the New Page Name field and then click the Create button.

    The new page appears, ready for editing. Just click in the page and then the Text Editing toolbar appears.

    You can edit now or repeat the steps here to create multiple pages before editing.

Alternatively, you can choose Site Actions→New Page from an existing wiki page to add a new page to the same wiki library.

Another easy way to create pages is to create a link to them first in a wiki page and then click that link. The new page is created automatically with the name found in the link.

For example, type [[My New Page]] to create a link to the My New Page page. The link to an uncreated page appears underlined with dashes. If users click the link, the page is created for editing and the link turns into a normal hyperlink.

To create a link to a page and have the name be different than the wording of the link, type a pipe character after the page name and then type the display text. For example, type [[Resources|Resources for You]] to create the Resources link that points to the Resources for You page.