How to Use SharePoint Online Excel Services - dummies

How to Use SharePoint Online Excel Services

By Ken Withee, Jennifer Reed

Excel Services is a service provided by SharePoint Online, one of Microsoft Office 365’s suite of products, that provides integration between the Excel application and SharePoint. In particular, Excel Services lets you embed your Excel data in a SharePoint site.

The Excel application is a component of Microsoft’s productivity suite called Office. Excel is geared toward numbers, lists, and analysis. Excel is widely adopted in the business world and many users probably wonder how they could function in business life without this tool.

Using Excel Services, you could have one analyst responsible for the management of the Excel document but share the summary page, graph, or entire document with the rest of the organization.

The rest of the members of the organization might not even realize they are looking at an Excel document as the driving force behind the data. From their perspective, they just see a web page on a SharePoint site with graphs, charts, grids of data, and summary data (or whatever part of Excel you decide to embed in the page).

The person that manages the Excel document doesn’t need to learn a new tool. If she has used Excel, then she can simply continue to use Excel with the difference being that her hard work is displayed to the rest of the organization without the involvement of the IT department, developers, or anyone else.