Getting Your Documents into a Library with SharePoint 2010 - dummies

Getting Your Documents into a Library with SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 gives you many ways to get your files into document libraries. You can upload your documents one at a time or a whole bunch at once with the browser, with the familiar Windows Explorer interface, and with Office applications. With all these options, you have no excuse to keep your files on your hard drive!

Upload a single document with SharePoint 2010

When you have a single document to upload to a document library, you can do so easily through the browser. The process for uploading a document to a library is the same for any kind of library you use, whether it’s the Shared Documents library that’s created with your team site or another library created by the site owner.

You can also send documents to a document library via e-mail. If your SharePoint farm administrator has configured SharePoint 2010 to accept incoming e-mail, individual document libraries can be given their own e-mail address. When someone sends a document as an attachment to that e-mail address, it’s uploaded to the document library.

This approach works well when you need to allow people outside your organization to place documents in a document library. Use one document library to accept incoming documents and then assign someone in your team to move the documents to another document library.

Upload multiple documents with SharePoint 2010

Your SharePoint farm administrator can block certain file types, such as executable files. You can upload files from productivity suites, such as Microsoft Office and Open Office.

You may notice that SharePoint doesn’t prompt you to enter the properties for files that upload. When you perform a multiple upload, you aren’t prompted the way you are for a single upload, even for properties that are required (so you have to go back and add those properties later). So uploading multiple files isn’t a good approach when you need to capture properties.

If you must manually update the properties for many files at once, you can use the Datasheet view of the library. The Datasheet view works similarly to a spreadsheet. To manually update properties using the Datasheet view in the same document library where you uploaded your files:

  1. Click the Library tab on the SharePoint Ribbon and then click the Datasheet View button.

    You must have Excel installed on your computer for the Datasheet view to work.

  2. Place your cursor in the field you want to update and make changes.

  3. Move your cursor off the row you updated and then SharePoint 2010 saves your updates.