Find and Link Other Wiki Content Pages in SharePoint 2010 - dummies

Find and Link Other Wiki Content Pages in SharePoint 2010

When you’re in Edit mode in a Wiki Content page, you can select the View Pages button in the Library Settings section on the SharePoint 2010 Ribbon to see the list of pages and work with the document pages similar to other libraries.

On the bottom left of the Quick Launch menu, when you’re on a wiki page, you see a reference to Recently Modified pages in the wiki library. You can use these links to navigate to the listed pages. This section doesn’t appear on the Wiki Content home page.

You can link to another page in the same wiki library by enclosing the name of the page in double brackets in the rich content area. For example, type [[Team Events page]] to create a link to the Team Events page.

An additional way to create a new Wiki Content page is the Forward link — using the double bracket method to create a link, except that the page you name in the double brackets hasn’t been created yet. The name has a dotted underline. The first time you or someone with the proper permissions click the link, SharePoint creates the new page.

Last but not least, you can use the Insert Hyperlink command to add the URL address or browse to either a Wiki Content page or a Web Part page to any other page.