Editing Options in SharePoint 2010 - dummies

Editing Options in SharePoint 2010

In SharePoint 2010, you can configure your views so that they aren’t just views — they can be used for data entry as well. SharePoint 2010 has added new options to improve the data entry experience. The two options that make that possible are inline editing and Tabular view.


Inline editing displays a form in your view that allows users to enter a new item or edit existing items. To use the form, a user with permission to edit the list can click an icon to create a new list item or click any item to edit it.

The following shows an item being edited inline. The icon below the item being edited can be used to add a new item to the list.


Having the option to edit and add items inline is valuable for creating data entry applications. You can use the inline editing option in a Web Part so that users can add or edit items right on the home page of your team site.

Tabular view displays check boxes next to each item in the view. By clicking one or several check boxes, a user can use the Ribbon to perform actions, such as checking in, on the selected items.