Create and Edit Pages via a SharePoint 2010 Publishing Site - dummies

Create and Edit Pages via a SharePoint 2010 Publishing Site

One of the first tasks you want to perform in a new SharePoint 2010 publishing site is to create new web pages or edit the pages provided in the site template. Pages in a publishing site are created automatically in the Pages library. This library is preconfigured with approval workflows.

You can create new publishing pages only in the Pages library. This means all your pages have the word Pages in their web addresses. There’s no way around this if you want to use publishing pages. You can create folders in the Pages library, which is useful if you have a set of pages you want to manage separately but don’t want to create a new subsite.

To create a new page in a publishing site:

  1. Browse to the site where you want to create the new page and then choose Site Actions→New Page.

    The New Page dialog box appears.

  2. Enter a new filename for your page in the New Page Name field.

    Any spaces are converted to a dash. Do not use spaces in your filenames.

  3. Click the Create button.

    SharePoint creates a new page and displays it in Edit mode.


You can edit pages by choosing Site Actions→Edit Page. Alternatively, browse to the Pages library any time you want to manage multiple pages.