Create a New Web Part Page in SharePoint 2010 - dummies

Create a New Web Part Page in SharePoint 2010

In SharePoint, you may need a Web Part or multiple Web Part pages in your collaboration site. A Web Part page can also be set as the home page. You can link back and forth between your Wiki Content pages and Web Part pages by using hyperlinks.

To create a new Web Part page:

  1. Click the View All Site Content link from the Quick Launch menu.

    You can also use the New Page option on the Site Actions menu, the More Create Options command on a team site Site Actions menu, or the Create link on the All Site Content pages accessible from the View All Site Content command.

  2. Select the Create command from the top of the View All Site Content page.

  3. Click the Web Part Page link under the Web Pages category.

    The new Web Part Create page appears with name, layout, and save location choices.

  4. Type a name for your page in the Name field.

    Follow the naming convention rules.

  5. Select a layout for the page by choosing an option from the list.

    Click different options in the list box to see a thumbnail of the layout.

    Layouts for Web Part pages can’t be changed after the fact. You don’t need to use every zone that appears on your layout, but select a layout that supports the desired design of your page.

  6. Select the document library that will contain this page by selecting an option from the Document Library drop-down list.

    Web Part pages are stored in libraries, so by default, your only two choices to store a new Web Part page is in the Shared Documents library or the Site Assets library, unless you’ve created other libraries. Consider creating a new library to contain your Web Part pages.

  7. Click the Create button.

    Your new Web Part page opens in Edit mode, ready for you to start inserting Web Parts.

You can change the home page of your site to any Wiki Content page or Web Part page. Simply click the Make Homepage button in the Page Actions area of the Edit tab on the Ribbon while editing the preferred page.