Create a New Site in SharePoint 2010 - dummies

Create a New Site in SharePoint 2010

You can create a new site collection in SharePoint in two ways — by using Central Administration or through Self-Service Site Creation. Using Central Administration requires elevated permissions, which are usually restricted to IT personnel.

Self-Service Site Creation is a feature of SharePoint that allows IT to delegate the authority of creating new site collection to end users like you. IT needs to provide you with the web address for accessing Self-Service Site Creation.

Self-Service Site Creation is configured for each web application. To enable it, use the Application Management page in Central Administration; it’s either off or on.

The process for creating a new site or site collection is fairly similar; follow these steps:

1To create a new site collection, browse to the web address provided by IT for Self-Service Site Creation.

The web address usually looks like this: http://webapplication/_layouts/scsignup.aspx.

2To create a new site within an existing site collection, browse to the site collection where you want to create the new site and then choose Site Actions→New Site.

All things new (new lists, new libraries, new sites) can be also created by clicking the Create button on the All Site Content page.

3Click the template you want to use to create your new site.

This screen presents templates with the categories displayed as tabs. Click a tab to see the site templates in that category.

Of special interest is that in the Custom tab, you can create a site where the user selects the template later. This is nice if you’re creating a new site collection for someone else and you don’t know which template they want to use.

4Enter the title in the Title field and the Web address in the URL field for your site.

Creating a new site within an existing site collection requires some thought about the site’s navigation. Because a new site collection is the top-most site in the site hierarchy, all subsites can inherit its navigation settings.

5Click the More Options button to display additional settings for creating your new site.

The More Options button displays these navigation inheritance options along with the ability to inherit permissions from the parent site.

You can always change your navigation and permissions settings for any site by choosing Site Actions→Site Settings.

6Click the Create button.

SharePoint creates your new site using the template you selected.