Create a New Page Layout in SharePoint 2010 - dummies

Create a New Page Layout in SharePoint 2010

Although it’s possible to create a new page layout from an existing one in SharePoint 2010, you should create a new page layout from scratch. It’s too easy to make mistakes when you copy and modify an existing layout.

If there is an existing page layout that’s close to what you want, study what you like about that layout and manually recreate it as a new page layout. Because a page layout is used in conjunction with a master page, you also have to be familiar with the structure of your master page.

You can use SharePoint Designer 2010 to open your site’s master page and review its structure and content placeholders.

Examples of modifications you may want to make to a page layout can include using DIV tags to create the structure of the page, inserting Web Part zones, adding new content controls, adding ASP.NET and HTML controls, adding additional styles in the head of the page, and/or attaching a style sheet for that page.

Make sure that you have SharePoint Designer 2010, that your organization supports you having it, and that you have the correct permissions before you start.

Page layouts and master pages, although they can be applied at a subsite level, reside in the top-level site in the site collection.

To create a new page layout:

  1. Open your publishing site in SharePoint Designer 2010.

  2. Click the Page Layouts button in the Navigation pane.

  3. Click the New Page Layout button on the Page Layout tab of the Ribbon.

    The New dialog box appears.


  4. In the Content Type Group dialog box, select the content type group for the content type you want to use.

    If you’re using SharePoint’s publishing content types, then select Page Layout Content Types.

  5. Select your content type from the Content Type Name drop-down list.

  6. Type the filename for your page layout in the URL Name text box.

  7. Type the title for your page layout in the Title text box.

  8. Click OK.

    SharePoint Designer 2010 creates your new page layout and opens it for you to begin editing.