Configure Persmissions for Your SharePoint Online Site - dummies

Configure Persmissions for Your SharePoint Online Site

By Ken Withee, Jennifer Reed

When you create a site collection in SharePoint Online, part of the Office 365 suite of products, you automatically get several SharePoint groups. View these groups and their associated permission levels by going to Site Actions, Site Settings, and Site Permissions in the Users and Permissions area.

Users in the Approvers group can publish pages, images, and documents in your intranet site.

Users in the Members group can create and edit pages as well as upload images and documents. They, however, cannot publish the pages, images, or documents.

The publishing portal template comes with workflow enabled in the pages library. Content approval is enabled in the documents and images libraries. Therefore, content is not visible to all users until they are approved and approval is routed through the workflow.

Before you create pages or update the home page of your intranet, add users to the appropriate groups to ensure that content for approval is routed and approved by the right people. This step also ensures that unapproved and unpublished content remains hidden from the rest of the organization until the content is ready for general consumption.

To add users to any of the groups, go to Site Actions→Site Settings→Site Permissions. Select any of the groups, click New from the menu, enter the user’s name, and click OK.