Collect Statistics for Your SharePoint 2010 Site - dummies

Collect Statistics for Your SharePoint 2010 Site

At the top-level site collection is a pre-created document library for Customized Reports that has the templates to create Web Analytic custom reports for the SharePoint 2010 site. Before reporting can be obtained, the feature for reporting needs to be turned on at the site collection level.

In the Site Actions section of the Site Settings page, you see the Site Web Analytics Reports and the Site Collection Web Analytics Reports links. Subsites also have a Site Web Analytics Reports link.

If you click these links (and reporting has been turned on and had time to create statistics), you see a multitude of information about your site and its visitors.


The report includes items, such as

  • Total and average number of page views

  • Total and average number of daily unique visitors

  • Total and average number of referrers

  • Top pages, visitors, referrers, destinations, and browsers

  • Total number of sites, lists, libraries, and storage

Clicking the Analyze tab at the top of this library page allows you to change the date ranges and site scopes, as well as export reports and schedule alerts/reports workflows.

SharePoint 2010 also includes a What’s New Web Part that you can use to display the statistics for your site.