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Business Intelligence Center Site’s Pre-Created Content

One of the great things about SharePoint 2010’s Business Intelligence Center site template is that it already has some sample data to give you ideas and great help references to get you started.

This site includes these pre-made libraries and lists. Here are the libraries:

  • Dashboards: A library for Web Part pages, Web Part pages with status lists, and deployed PerformancePoint dashboards.

  • Data Connections: A library that includes the PerformancePoint Data Source, Office Data Connection File, and Universal Data Connection File content types.

    Store your data connection files here so you can reuse data connection information. Columns in the library supply metadata about the connection.

  • Documents: A standard document library — includes an Excel Services Sample workbook.

  • Images: A standard Images library.

  • Pages: A standard Publishing Pages library. As part of the site creation, four pages are pre-created: default.aspx (home) page, excelservicessample.aspx, mossbisample.aspx, and ppssample.aspx. These pages are pre-created for help and tutorial assistance.

Here are the lists:

  • PerformancePoint Content: Designed to hold PerformancePoint content including scorecards, key performance indicators (KPIs), reports, filters, indicators, and dashboards.

  • Sample Indicators: Three sample indicators are included in the list.

  • Workflow Tasks: A standard list used for workflow tasks in a publishing.

The home page of the site contains three help sections listed on the right. As you hover your mouse over these sections, more details and helpful links appear on the left.