Assign a SharePoint Online New Site Collection Owner - dummies

Assign a SharePoint Online New Site Collection Owner

By Ken Withee, Jennifer Reed

The idea behind delegated administration is to share power so that you, as the SharePoint Online Administrator, can be relieved of business-unit-specific tasks while at the same time, empowering members of your organization to make the call on tasks related to SharePoint for their business unit.

To assign one or more site collection administrators to your site, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Manage link below SharePoint Online in the Microsoft Online Administration Center.

  2. Click Manage site collections from the Administration Center window that displays.

    You are taken to the Administration Center dashboard.

    SharePoint Online Administration Center.
    SharePoint Online Administration Center.
  3. Select a site collection by hovering over the URL to display a check box to the left of the URL and then clicking the box.

  4. On the menu, click the Owners action icon and then select Manager Administrators.

  5. Enter the name or names of the site collection administrators.

  6. Click OK to go back to the SharePoint Online Administration Center dashboard.