Add Your Site Column to the SharePoint 2010 Page Layout - dummies

Add Your Site Column to the SharePoint 2010 Page Layout

After you have added your site column to the content type in SharePoint 2010, you have to add the site column to the page layout. Here’s how:

  1. Open your page layout in Edit mode in SharePoint Designer 2010.

  2. Open the Toolbox by clicking the View tab on the Ribbon and then choosing Task Panes→Toolbox.

  3. In the Toolbox task pane, expand the SharePoint Controls pane.

  4. Click the plus (+) sign to expand the Content Fields section.

    You see a list of site columns, or content fields, listed. You can click the Refresh button to make sure you have the latest list of columns from the server.

    The content fields you see listed here come from the list of site columns associated with the page layout’s content type. If you don’t see all the fields you expect, then double check your content type.

  5. To add your content field to the page layout, drag and drop the field from the Toolbox to your page layout.

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Design view or Code view. SharePoint Designer inserts the code that represents the field control.


    You can’t just drag a content control onto the page and rename the fieldname property.

  6. Click the Save button on the File tab to save your page layout.

Test that your change works as expected by creating a new publishing page that uses your page layout.