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Add Your Own Search Results with SharePoint 2010

You can add a page or another item to your search results with SharePoint’s best bets. A best bet is a web address that you match to a search keyword. When someone searches for that keyword, your best bet appears in the search results. That is, assuming your search results page has the Search Best Bets Web Part.

Adding best bets is a two-part process. First, you have to create the keyword that you expect someone to search on. Then, you associate the best bet with the keyword.

For example, say you want to make sure the web address of the Human Resources portal appears as a best bet every time someone searches on the phrase human resources. You have to create the keyword for human resources and then add the best bet for the portal.

To add the keyword:

  1. Click the Search Keywords link on the Site Settings page of your site collection.

    The Manage Keywords page appears.

  2. Click the Add Keyword link.

  3. In the Keyword Phrase text box, enter your search keyword.

  4. In the Synonyms text box, enter any synonyms that apply to your keyword.

    For example, you might enter HR for the human resources keyword.

  5. Click the Add Best Bet link.

  6. In the Add Best Bet dialog box, enter the URL, title, and description for your best bet in the URL, Title, and Description text boxes, respectively, and click OK.

  7. Repeat Steps 5 and 6 to add up to three best bets for a single keyword.

  8. In the Keyword Definition section, enter a description for the keyword.

  9. (Optional) Enter the name of a contact and publishing start, end, and review dates in the Keyword Definition section.

    The contact is the person responsible for managing the keyword and making sure its best bets are accurate.

  10. Click OK.

When a user executes a search query for the keyword, the keyword’s definition and best bet appear in the Search Best Bets Web Part on the search results page.