Add Publishing Content Site Column to a Content Type - dummies

Add Publishing Content Site Column to a Content Type

Before you can add your new site column to the SharePoint 2010 page layout in the form of a content control, it must be included in a content type for page layouts. You can add your new site column to a new custom content type you made or add it to predefined page layout content types.

If you’re using the predefined page layout content types, such as Article and Welcome, to create new page layouts (for example, several new Article Page layouts), you can add your new site columns to that type for use, rather than create a new custom type.

If you’re creating custom content types for your project, which could be desirable for long-term maintenance and content management in projects that have many variations from out-of-the-box SharePoint, add the site column in the same way to your custom content type.

Here are a couple items of note about content types for page layouts. You can inherit columns by picking predefined content types as parents for your new content type, automatically adding all the columns they contain. If you want more control over your custom type, you may choose a more skeletal parent with less base information.

Sometimes creating your first custom content type is easier than reviewing existing ones. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Site Content Types Gallery by choosing Site Actions→Site Settings, and then click the Site Content Types link.

  2. Scroll down to locate the Page Layout Content Types group and the Publishing Content Types group in the library.

    Article Page and Welcome Page types are in the Page Layout Content Types group, and the Page type is in the Publishing Content Types group.

  3. Click the Welcome Page or Article Page link to open the content type.

    You see the columns they contain, and near top of the page, you see their parent — the Page content type.

  4. Click the Add From Existing Site Columns link to add your site column to the content type.

    The Add Columns to Content Type page appears.

  5. In the Select Columns section, select the column you created in the previous section.

  6. Click OK.

    The site column is added to the content type. Here is the Welcome Page content with a new site column called Division. You still have to add the site column to your page layout in order for it to be visible to users when they create new publishing pages using your layout.