Ad Hoc Views in SharePoint 2010 - dummies

Ad Hoc Views in SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 users can make Ad Hoc views in any Standard or Datasheet views by using the headers of the columns to sort and filter the data on-the-fly. These ad hoc changes aren’t saved with the list the way defined views are. Helping your users be productive by using these ad hoc options may involve training tips or help support. Follow these steps to create an ad hoc view:

  1. Click a view heading in Standard or Datasheet view.

    A drop-down list appears on the column header cell.

  2. Click the drop-down list and select whether you want to sort ascending or descending, or to filter the list based on data in that column.

    Clicking the column header also toggles the sort order between ascending and descending.

    Filtering options appear as distinct data from the values in the column (for example, if Marketing appears ten times in the column, it appears only once as a filter choice).

  3. Select a value from the Filter list.

    Filtering hides rows that don’t contain that value.

    A Filter icon appears in the column header to indicate a filter is applied.

  4. To remove the filter, click the drop-down list again and select Clear Filter from [Column Name].

If you want to access your Ad Hoc view again, simply save it as a favorite in your web browser. You can even copy the web address from the address bar in your browser and send it to other people.