Work with the Slide Master and Edit Master Tabs in PowerPoint 2007

By Doug Lowe

When you are in PowerPoint’s Slide Master View, the Slide Master tab appears on the PowerPoint Ribbon, offering controls you can use to edit your PowerPoint slides. To switch to Slide Master View click the View tab on the Ribbon and then click the Slide Master button, found in the Presentation Views group.

The Slide Master tab.
The Slide Master tab.

Here’s a quick overview of each group on this tab and the controls found in them:

  • Edit Master: The controls in this group let you edit the Slide Master. Use the Insert Slide Master button to create a new Slide Master, or the Insert Layout button to add a new layout to an existing Master. You can also use the Delete and Rename buttons to delete or rename Masters or layouts.

  • Master Layout: The controls in this group let you edit a layout by adding or removing placeholders, the title, and footer elements.

  • Edit Theme: The controls in this group let you apply a theme to a Master or a layout.

  • Background: The controls in this group let you set the background for a Master or a layout.

  • Page Setup: The control in this group lets you change the orientation for a page. (Unfortunately, PowerPoint doesn’t allow you to have Masters with different orientations in a single presentation. When you change the orientation of a Slide Master or a layout, the orientation of all Masters and layouts in the presentation is changed.)

  • Close: This group contains a Close button that returns you to Normal View.