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What is in a PowerPoint 2007 Slide

By Doug Lowe

PowerPoint 2007 presentations comprise one or more slides. Each slide can contain text, graphics, and other elements. Several PowerPoint features work together to help you easily format attractive slides:

  • Slide layouts: A slide layout is a collection of placeholders. Depending on the layout, the placeholders can hold text, graphics, clip art, sound or video files, tables, charts, graphs, and diagrams.

    PowerPoint offers built-in slide layouts.
    PowerPoint offers built-in slide layouts.
  • Background: The slide background can be a solid color, a blend of colors, a texture, a pattern, or an image. Each slide can have a different background, but it’s best to use the same background for every slide in your presentation to provide a consistent look.

  • Themes: Themes are combinations of design elements colors and fonts that make it easy to create attractive slides.

    The PowerPoint Theme Gallery
    The PowerPoint Theme Gallery
  • Slide Master: The Slide Master controls the basic design and formatting options including the position and size of title and text placeholders, the background and color scheme, and font settings.

All these features work together to control the appearance of your slides. You can customize the appearance of individual slides by adding any of the following elements:

  • Title and body text: Most slide layouts include placeholders for title and body text.

  • Text boxes: You can add text anywhere on a slide by drawing a text box and then typing text.

  • Shapes: You can use PowerPoint’s drawing tools to add a variety of shapes on your slides.

  • Illustrations: You can insert clip art, photographs, and other graphic elements.

  • Charts and diagrams: PowerPoint includes SmartArt that enables you to create diagrams, organization charts, and cycle diagrams.

  • Media clips: You can add sound clips or video files to your slides.

In PowerPoint 2007, you can edit the Slide Master to change the appearance of all the slides in your presentation at one time. This helps to ensure that the slides in your presentation have a consistent appearance.