What Is Custom Animation in PowerPoint 2007? - dummies

What Is Custom Animation in PowerPoint 2007?

By Doug Lowe

You can apply custom animations to any object on a PowerPoint slide. With PowerPoint text objects, you animate the entire text object or just individual paragraphs. You can also specify whether the effect goes all at once, word by word, or letter by letter. Custom animation lets you create four types of animation effects:

  • Entrance effect: Objects can appear via any of the 52 different ways, such as Appear, Blinds, Fade, Descend, Boomerang, Bounce, Sling, and more.

  • Emphasis effect: This effect lets you draw attention to an object that is already on the slide. PowerPoint offers 31 different emphasis effects.

  • Exit effect: This is how an object leaves the slide. You can apply one of the 52 different effects, including Disappear, Blinds, Peek Out, Ease Out, Spiral Out, and so on.

  • Motion path: A motion path lets you create a track along which the object travels. PowerPoint provides you with 64 predefined motion paths, such as circles, stars, teardrops, spirals, springs, and so on.

You can create more than one animation for a given object. For example, you can give an object an entrance effect, an emphasis effect, and an exit effect. Each effect that you apply has property settings that you can tweak to customize it. All effects have a Speed setting. Some effects have an additional property setting that lets you control the range of an object’s movement.